About Us

Our Difference

Unlike large, impersonal institutions, we know you. And, just as importantly, you know us. We will take the time to understand not only your family’s goals and dreams, but your concerns and challenges. A good management plan addresses both.

We believe that honest, two-way communication is the hallmark of healthy relationships. Establishing a strong relationship built on trust and mutual respect is our ultimate goal for each client. This relationship is the key to managing your assets in a manner that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

When CRM LP was founded in 2012, we chose to do business as a partnership. The reason was simple. Key members of our team have a stake in your long-term success.

We built this company for the long haul because we take a long view and understand that transitioning assets from one generation to the next is a huge consideration. When you align your family with us, you have given the next generation a trusted team of advisors, who will provide stability, continuity and the common sense that comes with experience.

With that said, we gladly will work with your attorney, accountant, investment advisors or other professionals to continue your management plan or create a new one.

Our Benefits

A family should run the business, the business shouldn’t run the family. Unfortunately, family
businesses can put extra pressure on family relationships. By employing outside advisors, you can enjoy objective expertise and unsurpassed accountability without emotional entanglements.

In addition, Catoico Resource Management LP wants to be part of the action. We locate our offices where our clients are so we can put our boots on the ground to ensure that our asset management decisions are based on observation, not hearsay.

One of the greatest values CRM brings is its industry contacts and wealth of information for any given oil and gas basin. This provides CRM with a great advantage in negotiating oil and gas leases, mineral and royalty purchases and sales, determining revenue interest for division order approval, and all other oil and gas related matters. In this new explosion of horizontal drilling this is particularly important due to the nature of determining proration/production units by size, wellbore length, or allocation by take point. Likewise, CRM is familiar with Force Pooling laws in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the Bakken Shale areas.

Our Process

Initially, Catoico Resource Management digitizes all property files, maps the properties, and maintains them with continuous updates of new documents. At such time as a client should ever decide to leave CRM the files will be available digitally, along with a master file to locate the individual files. Likewise, if there are surface properties, CRM conducts a physical inspection and evaluation.

CRM performs an initial review of current production, associated revenue payments and contract performance, during the setup phase. After creating the master file, the properties will be maintained in the Wolfepak accounting and land software designed for oil and gas management. The properties will then be directly tied to the revenues and expenses, allowing more detailed property reporting.

CRM conducts weekly reviews of all new well locations and completions in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas, particularly concentrating on the greater Permian Basin. Other areas are watched as to our clients particular properties and status.

CRM reviews all joint interest billings and AFE’s, as received. We also review ad valorem tax appraisals and statements, each on an annual basis.


Memberships & Associations


Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association

Texas Wildlife Association

Permian Basin Petroleum Association

Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO)

Dallas Association of Petroleum Landmen

Permian Basin Landmen’s Association

Michael Late Benedum Chapter of the American Association of Professional Landmen